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Lightspeed Systems Solution Lets School IT Departments Share Student Device Activity With Parents

A new feature in Lightspeed Systems Relay gives parents crucial information on how and when their kids are spending time online…

(Jan. 10, 2018) AUSTIN, TX. — Education technology company Lightspeed Systems announced the release of Parent Report Generator, new to Lightspeed Systems Relay. This new feature gives K-12 school IT personnel the power to customize and automate the delivery of student web activity reports to students’ parents.

A sample report from new Parent Report Generator in Lightspeed Systems Relay

Due to the increasing presence of one-to-one and BYOD device initiatives in schools, students are online more than ever. Relay’s Parent Report Generator allows parents to engage in students’ digital learning and ensure they’re using devices appropriately before, during and after school.

With a simple and secure CSV upload of email addresses to Lightspeed Systems Relay, Parent Report Generator lets school IT departments automate the delivery of student activity reports to their parents’ email inboxes. Parent Reports give a snapshot of crucial metrics on each student’s internet activity, including:

• Most frequent search queries
• Most frequently visited websites (including blocked sites), and how much time they spent on each site
• Device usage by time of day (e.g., before school, during school, after school, and late night)
• Device usage by day of week
• Device usage compared to average peer’s usage

Relay by Lightspeed Systems is a comprehensive solution designed to make school use of mobile devices safe and easily managed. The all-in-one, cloud-based solution maximizes return on investment of school Chromebooks with simple tools for filtering, protecting, geolocating and reporting on the devices.

To learn more about Relay by Lightspeed Systems, visit lightspeedsystems.com/relay.

About Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, mobile and easily managed. Partnered with 6,500 districts in the United States and 25,000 schools around the world, Lightspeed Systems offers integrated solutions for smarter K-12 school networks: Web Filter, Relay, Mobile Manager, and Management Bundle for Windows.

To learn more, visit https://www.lightspeedsystems.com.

ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway Customers Protected Against Bad Rabbit Ransomware

ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway Customers Protected Against Bad Rabbit Ransomware
October 26, 2017 | David Wigley

Winter is Coming – A new ransomware variant is currently spreading across Europe. The Bad Rabbit ransomware has infected many public infrastructure sites including the Kiev Metro in Ukraine as well as hundreds of other organizations. Interestingly, it contains several pop-culture references in its code, including some to the dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion of Game of Thrones.

ContentKeeper customers with a Secure Internet Gateway1 deployment were not at risk from this ransomware.

The Bad Rabbit Ransomware has been shown to initiate an attack via a drive-by-download from a compromised website. When the malicious Javascript is parsed, the user can be tricked into clicking a link masquerading as a legitimate update to Adobe’s Flash player. When the user clicks on the Install button, a download of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware is initiated and if the user executes the downloaded file, named “flash_player_update.exe”, the user’s computer becomes infected.

Once the executable is run it begins to encrypt the victim’s files and steals passwords, eventually displaying what is becoming an all too familiar demand for a ransom payment in bitcoin to decrypt the files. The virus is able to propagate itself via a range of methods including SMB and WMIC by searching for open network shares and guessing at passwords with a pre-built list. There are also now reports that the leaked NSA exploit EternalRomance was leveraged to enhance propagation.

ContentKeeper’s Secure Internet Gateway includes multiple layers of defense to protect against known and unknown threats, ransomwaremalwaretrojans and other viruses. Having multiple layers of defense technology is the best way to defend your network from the next attack. A modest investment in security upfront can prevent a catastrophic loss of data in the future.

1. Appropriately configured with the necessary security modules enabled

For more than 20 years, ContentKeeper has delivered comprehensive, accessible web security solutions for global enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies. We enable our customers to protect their networks, users and data from cyber threats while embracing mobile technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based services.

About the author: David Wigley Co-Founded ContentKeeper Technologies in 1997 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. David has many years of experience in software engineering, sales and management within the Computer Security Industry.

TeleMate.Net Software Announces New Digital Citizenship Feature Set for NetSpective WebFilter Version 5.4

TeleMate.Net Software feels it is important to address customer recommendations and market trends promptly. NetSpective Version 5.4 introduces our first collaborated feature with Grom Social Enterprises providing socially responsible web media content to children in the K-12 market. Version 5.4 includes Grom Digital Citizenship License and the new category of Self-Harm and Suicide.

If you are still running version 4.x and wish to upgrade to version 5.4 please review the following details: Version 5.4 is available to customers upon request to TeleMate Technical Support, Registration Services, or your NetSpective Sales Representative. The primary reason for the change in process for deploying version 5.4 as compared to prior versions is due to a new user interface, improved handling of Google Services, and enhanced remote agents.

Due to version 5.0 introducing a new interface and adding features that require additional performance. Older appliances designated as Models 6D and 6Q that were purchased more than 6 years ago do not meet the performance requirements. If you have an older model or are not sure please contact Technical Support or your Sales Representative for assistance.

Appliances designated as Model 12D, 12Q, and 12H are compatible with version 5.0 performance requirements, yet as stated in prior notifications are not capable of leveraging all of Version 5.0 Inline or Proxy SSL Inspection capabilities. Models 15R, 15HI and 16HI support all Version 5.0 features, as well as planned road mapped features for the next three years. If clarification is needed please contact TeleMate’s Technical Support or your Sales Representative for assistance. We are here to help.

To address the transition, TeleMate.Net Software is providing several methods for educating administrators and system managers on the new interface. First, easy to follow videos have been created and are available for viewing by navigating to NetSpective Training Videos. Secondly, a private or group based WebEx session can be scheduled to walk through the new user interface and features. Select Schedule a NetSpective Webinar to choose a date and time that works best for your schedule.

TeleMate.Net Software Announces NetSpective Version 5.2.18 to address Google Chrome changes

TeleMate.Net Software is providing a release update to all NetSpective WebFilter systems version 5.0 and greater to address changes in Google’s Chrome Web Browser. This update, Version 5.2.18 is ready to be applied to your systems now by accessing the NetSpective Update screen. From the Update screen, select the “Get Updates” button, and then press the “Install Update” button. NetSpective will need to reboot to complete the install process.

Over the past few weeks, Google has updated the Chrome Web Browser to use a new revision of the QUIC network protocol. This change effects NetSpective WebFilter’s ability to render policy reminders, safe search enforcement, and other Google-specific features in both the Inline deployments and all Remote Agents. We recommend that you apply this update.

If your NetSpective WebFilter is in a Passive deployment, the QUIC protocol should be blocked at the network firewall by denying UDP on port 80 and 443. We recommend you contact your firewall vendor for assistance.

NetSpective Remote Agent for macOS officially supports version 10.12 Sierra.

NetSpective Remote Agent for Windows was digitally signed with an SHA-2 certificate required for Windows 10. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008, you will be required to have the latest Windows Updates or at least have the updates mentioned in KB3033929 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3033929.

If further explanation is required, contact TeleMate.Net Software Technical Support at +1(678) 589-7120 or NetSpectiveSupport@telemate.net, or visit their website at http://www.getnetspective.com/support.

Lightspeed Systems Releases New Version of K-12 School Web Filter

Today, at the TCEA 2016 Convention & Exposition in Austin, Texas, Lightspeed Systems announced the release of version 3 of Rocket Web Filter, the market leader for content filtering in K-12 schools. The release features a sleek new user interface as well as a variety of new features to simplify school network management.

Rocket Web Filter — which is powered by Lightspeed Systems’ proprietary Rocket appliances, either on school networks or in a cloud — was built specifically for schools. With a reputation for robust content filtering without over-blocking, Web Filter quickly became the K-12 market leader for filtering. The new version features improvements to filtering speed, scalability and SSL handling as well as live traffic reports and other tools to make filtering and reporting fast and easy.

wf3-email-body-2 copyWeb Filter 3’s new features and enhancements include:

  • Increased filtering speed and scalability
  • More options for filtering and reporting on SSL sites like Google
  • More powerful reporting, including live traffic reports
  • A clean, intuitive new user interface
  • A redesigned administrator dashboard
  • A Notification Center for instant news on updates or system issues
  • Cloud-based backups
  • And much more

“The needs and challenges of school IT departments have always guided the development of our Web Filter,” says Lightspeed Systems Chief Executive Officer Brian Thomas. “Web Filter 3 is our biggest release ever, incorporating all the new features our K-12 customers need plus even more.”

To learn more about Lightspeed Systems Rocket Web Filter 3, visit www.lightspeedsystems.com/wf3.